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Our Founders


Our beginning


On February 25, 2015, Jessica Farmer was walking on 3rd street in downtown Evansville, and was struck by the sight of a building that was perfect for her dream to come true... to open and own her own coffee shop. She took a picture of the building, put her phone back into her purse, and left her dream to simmer just a bit longer. Little did she know how quickly things were about to change.

On that same day, Zac Parsons was celebrating his 35th birthday in San Francisco with his brother. It would be his last birthday without Jessica. Zac was struggling to manage the accounting of his new consulting business, so he asked a friend for some advice. He recommended an accounting firm where Jessica happened to be employed.

One day, as Jessica noticed the number of receipts from coffee shops in Zac’s travels, she shared her dream with him. As he watched her face light up with the spark of entrepreneurial potential waiting to be realized, Zac found her passion to be contagious. After hearing her vision, he knew that this woman would be unstoppable. Zac told her that when she was ready, he would absolutely partner with her on this and help the dream to become a reality. On April 9, 2015, Jessica's 35th birthday, she made the decision to move forward with her dream. With Zac as her partner, she could continue in her accounting position while exploring how to bring the coffee shop to life.

But a strange thing happened on the way to opening a coffee shop together... the two friends began to fall in love. Soon, business plans, design ideas, and coffee research gave way to bike rides, Azzip Pizza dates, and a first kiss under the light of the moon. On the following February 25, on a coffee research trip to California, Zac proposed to Jessica at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Santa Cruz. Fortunately for Zac... she said yes.


In a interesting turn of events, the dream location for the coffee shop was sold to another buyer, a back-up location tragically burned to the ground, and couple of other locally owned coffee shops announced their plans to open in downtown Evansville. Suddenly, the path forward with the coffee shop wasn't as clear. After restoring and refinancing her home, Jessica finally had the capital that she needed to launch her dream, but where?

As she explored her new neighborhood near the University of Evansville, she noticed a coffee shop on the corner of Lincoln and Weinbach. As she stepped into the Coffee Cottage, she immediately knew that she would own it someday. While Zac was keen on opening something downtown, it didn't take much for Jessica's passion and vision to convince him that this pivot was the right move, should the space become available. And by May of 2016, in a twist of fate, the space did. 

Jessica and Zac entered into a lease on the building, and spent the summer months rehabilitating the old space, learning about city regulations, and hiring the team that would help to give birth to the Honey + Dew Coffee Company. And on August 30, 2016, the shop was officially open and ready to be filled with people and their energy. 

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The name "Honey + Dew" came from the fresh feeling that it evoked when saying it, but didn't have a meaning beyond that. However, it did have a meaning to the Honey Dew Donut Company, and they reached out, asking for the name to be changed to prevent confusion of our two brands. With a second chance to choose a name, Zac and Jessica decided to go with something more meaningful, and highlight the power of coming together in love. In October 2106, the shop was reborn as the Honey + Moon Coffee Co.

On May 7, 2018, Zac and Jessica ventured down to New Orleans to tie the knot and officially start their "other" Honey Moon together. They live in Evansville with their blended family of six children. Three from him and three from her. The Honey Moon Crew has become their extended family.


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